Thursday, 12 August 2010

Finding my colors....

I've been struggling trying to find my colors lately.  No, I'm not talking about deciding which season I am for fashions.  I'm talking about colors for our home.  Right now, the walls are white, the trim and doors are beige and the carpet is oatmeal. Couple that with the brown wood cabinets and off-white counters in the kitchen and you have a color-lovers worst nightmare!  
So I am trying to select colors for every room.  And because it's an open floor plan, I'm also trying to select colors to carry from one room or area to next without too many transitions.  
Then I found Lisa Carke's blog, Polka Dot Cottage, and a cool tool she found called The Color Palette Generator.  And suddenly I had found my answer.  

Lisa's post was about blogging the colours of our homes, using this tool.  But because the inside of my home right now lacks colour, and the outside is the development-mandated poop brown, I decided to use the tool to look at photos of places where I feel happy, hoping to find my the right shades and combinations to make our interior feel that way, too. 
So here goes.  
The first picture is a spot in Elizabethtown, Pa where I could stand or sit for hours just peacefully contemplating the view and life and everything else.

The second is from our wedding in March...the colours we used made me feel happy and hopeful and joyous.

And the third is from a hiking trip to Ocala last November....

Until this point, I had not really consider greens for the interior.  I was learning towards reds, burgundies, and other warm tones.  But the paint chips and samples just were not looking right with the house -- or to my eye.  

Now, I see why!  So greens look like the right choice for this house, for now in our lives.  Thank you Lisa, for seeding your blog post so I could find it!  


Lisa Clarke said...

I love this idea of using your favorite outdoor spots to help you choose indoor colors!

I have to think about that next time my husband and I are at odds over wall colors :-)

That tool is such fun, isn't it?

Seeker said...

It is, Lisa! I had so much fun playing with it, with different photos! Thank you for finding/posting it :-)

scarsarestories said...

Since about 2/3 of the "seeds" I click on at seededbuzz are yours, I'm adding you to my blogroll!
If you want to reciprocate, awesome, if not, that's okay too!
scars xo

Seeker said...

Thank you! And since I've been stopping by a lot to read your posts, it's a good idea! I did add you to my Google blogs I follow list already, but a mention on the blog page is a good idea, too! Thanks for the reminder!

Sharon said...

First the Practical Magic party and now a tool for the color-choosing impaired (raising my hand over here) -- thank you!

Seeker said...

Sharon, you are very welcome! Having fun and finding fun stuff these days :-) And it's even better when you get to share :-D