Monday, 30 August 2010

Inspired to document the little things in my life

There are no pictures on this blog post because I have not been taking any.  And that is about to stop....

After reading yesterday's post on 52 Flea about the little things, and then seeing the photos on Kate's blogs, I realized that I have gotten lazy about photography.  Sure I have lots of great photos from Pennsylvania that I can use on my posts.  And I have Florida pictures from the past few years, too. Many of those are on this blog, including my profile photo, which was taken on a weekend sail off of Miami.  And I have a ton of photos from the wedding -- about 900 or so I need to go through.

But since then, except for a couple of shots of our new puppy, I haven't been taking pictures.  Why?

It's not that I stopped noticing things.

When I walk to the dog park, I see the magnificent oak trees that fill our development, and stare up in wonder at their branches and leaves, and the tiny hint of sky that peeks through.

And I watch the happiness on my dog's face when she sees her friends as we approach the gate.  She smiles -- she really does!

My daughters returned home a few days ago, just in time to start school   And I delighted in seeing their faces, the new haircuts, the subtle changes in them since they went away for the summer.

I've seen lovely flowers, beautiful buildings.  I've finished some art.  I've been working on the house, and seeing that change.

And yet, no photos.  None. I really don't know why. I wish I did.  But I know that it's time to fix it.  It's time to pick up the cameras and start capturing the details I see. It's time to take the digital out, and the film cameras and the lenses -- and start capturing moments again.  It's time to share what I see.  It's time.

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