Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Dream house? Why not?

The other day, I posted a link to my dream house on my Facebook wall. It's a beautiful home in Boulder. The view?  Well, you can see the view.  Perfect. Just perfect.

So why did I post it?  It's not that I have $2 million in the bank, and can buy it today.  I posted it because I could at some point, have 2 million in the bank.  Or 10 million. Who knows? I posted it because it's good to dream, and to remind ourselves what it is we dream about.

It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, focusing only on meetings at work, the grocery shopping list and what the kids need to do for homework.  Days, weeks, months or even years can pass by without us lifting up our heads (or our hearts) long enough to look at where we're going in life -- or remembering where we want to go. Some people forget their dreams for decades, only to realize one day, maybe when this life is almost over, what they once wanted to do and be but never got around to trying.

So here is my challenge for you today.  Take some time and think about something you want.  Something you dreamed about.  Make it a big dream. It could be a trip you wanted to take.  A degree you wanted to complete. Or a house on a mountain side you wanted to own. Find a picture that represents your dream, and post it somewhere.  On your wall, your door, your bulletin board or your Facebook wall. Tell the world what you dream about.  And then -- and here is the really important part -- tell yourself about it. Feel it. Dream it. Make it real, and see it happening.  Dare to challenge the universe -- and yourself -- to make it happen.

Dreams do come true.  But first you have to have the dream.  Happy dreaming!


Sarah said...

Good morning...thank you for popping by my blog...please feel free to post Xena on that door!! LOL I loove that!! So very nice to meet you!!
I am a huge believer in intention..put it out there, believe it and it will come to you!!! I have wanted a camp...large many many acres with a large logde and little cabins and screened in work spots..in the mountains here in IDaho and on a lake big enough to sail on. I want to offer classes for women..art and photography..anything creative and classes on how to Let Fly with your creative soul...yup that is want I want..I can see it very clearly!!
I looooove that view..stunning..may it come to you!!
Namaste, Sarah

Seeker said...

Sarah, I LOVE your idea! I'll add my energy to your intention! And let's keep in touch -- when you get it, I want to be one of your first guests/students :-) Idaho is soooo pretty! I used to live in the Rockies, and got to visit Idaho a few times. One of my college roommates lives there now :-)

Dan Terry said...

Thank you Sarah! Inspirational as you may see what your post wrought on my own pages where some of your wisdom and your core challenge is shared. I hope you find it encouraging and equally inspirational that some of us are actually following your wise counsel. You done good.