Monday, 2 August 2010

What would you do with a free month? Wow!

I just read a post on a London blog asking what I would do with a free month?  Their post was inspired by an ad that claimed that NOT having to shave one's legs would free up an entire month of time....of course, they were talking about laser hair removal, and my thoughts went to friends who went to Reed and left their legs (and pits) hairy, but hey, a month is still a month!

Anyhow...before memories of my friends with hairy appendages gets me off track (just one more thing -- never wear hose with hairy legs!  Please!)

Here is my one month plan (assuming all bills were paid, of course!)

Day One -- Find a nice sidewalk cafe' and spend the morning reading, people watching and chilling out to jazz or classical music. Go home, take a nap, and zone for just that one day.

The rest of Week One -- Alternate Catching Up on all those annoying things around the house, like my messy clothes in the closet, rearranging the pantry, and sorting through folders of warranties for things I no longer own, and having lunch with friends, walking on the beach, and going to bookstores (remember, I said alternating -- all work and no play would NOT be on my agenda!)

Week Two and half of week Three -- Fly up to PA to hang out with my son and my friends up there.  Go for long hikes, shop for yummy fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market, and take about a zillion pictures of tiny architectural details on old buildings. Show my new husband all the places he's heard about, from Mount Gretna to Lancaster to Lititz.

Remainder of week three and half of week four -- Fly to Boulder, Colorado to visit friends, hike and soak up the scenery, cool evenings and magnificent sunsets and sunrises. Take all three of my kids with me, because the older two have probably forgotten the Rockies, and the little one has never been there. Take my husband because he's ultimately fun to be with and would love it there. Go to inspiring Renewal services in the mountains.

Last few days of the month -- Fly home, relax, write, chill, get ready to return to work, inspired and happy and finally, finally, finally rested.

PS -- I have not had a vacation (not counting long weekends and family visits) in over 15 years!

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